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Hamptons International Film Festival: Rowdy Hall Events

Date: October 7th, 2017
Venue: Rowdy Hall
Address: 10 Main Street
City: East Hampton
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Price: Free
Website: http://hamptonsfilmfest.org
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Join us for food, fun, and casual conversation with exciting special guests at the Winick Talks at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton. Each morning, guest artists will be featured in a moderated conversation. Coffee and light breakfast will be served free of charge to attendees. Cinephiles will not want to miss this exciting opportunity for in-depth and informal conversations with pre-eminent film artists!

Friday, October 6


As the landscape of film distribution and exhibition continues to evolve at a rapid pace, an industry that once relied on physical prints has now evolved to allow for instant streaming of thousands of films on countless platforms and devices. For filmmakers, this means deciding between a variety of potential avenues through which to get their work into the world, and for audiences a neverending feeling of decision fatigue. With a panel of experts in fields on both sides, this talk will help to shed light on an exciting and ever-changing landscape.

Saturday, October 7


Join this year’s breakthrough performers for a lively discussion about what it takes to make it as a young actor (and maybe also writer, director, producer…) in today’s film industry. The actors will share stories about their work and experiences in a casual and intimate setting.

Sunday, October 8


The Competition section of the Festival recognizes the work of emerging directors from around the world in narrative feature, documentary feature, and short film. Join some of the highly innovative and creative competitors as they discuss the highs and lows of their filmmaking careers, what it’s like to get started in the business, and the specific challenges of contemporary filmmaking.

Free event. Doors open at 9:30 am, conversation begins promptly at 10 am.

First come, first served. Limited seating.