Event Details

Gallery Talk: The Impact of Photography on Social Issues

Date: September 17th, 2017
Venue: Guild Hall
Address: 158 Main Street
City: East Hampton
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Price: Free
Website: http://www.guildhall.org/events/?id=1157&mode=id
Phone: 631-324-0806


Gallery Talk with Christina Mossaides Strassfield, Museum Director/Chief Curator: The Impact of Photography on Social Issues in the Work of Richard Avedon

Displaying over fifty years of Richard Avedon’s photographic career, the show is a comprehensive presentation of black and white images that are as visually striking as they are psychologically intriguing. Avedon’s work stands as a testament to his dedicated desire to understand the unifying beauty in diversity. In consideration of the current global political landscape, Avedon’s America is a decidedly timely exhibit, focused on America and its disparate people. The breadth of portraits on view inspires a deeper understanding of the many characters, ideas, and relationships that shaped the cultural discourse of 20th century America. From the Civil and Women’s Rights Movements to the Vietnam War, and with pioneering figures in visual, performing, and literary arts, subjects include William F. Buckley, John Cage, Florynce Kennedy, China Machado, Malcolm X, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.
Lead Sponsors: Calvin Klein Family Foundation, Dayton Ritz & Osborne and Chubb Insurance, Suffolk County, Fern and Lenard Tessler; Co-Sponsors: Eileen Kornreich, Joan and Lucio Noto, PACE Moran & Woodhouse Gallery. FREE MUSEUM ADMISSION GENEROUSLY FUNDED BY BRIDGEHAMPTON NATIONAL BANK AND LANDSCAPE DETAILS.