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June 17, 4 pm6 pm.

It’s the second annual solo art show for Water Mill artist Ann Lombardo at the Water Mill Museum including at least 40 works with many revealed for the first time. Ann’s art has been shown for 15+ years in local art shows, such as the Thirty Squared group.  But this June solo show is notable because: It explores and exposes fresh creativity, subjects and style by the artist. 

A BRUSH WITH TIME is on display for 3 weeks in the Water Mill Museum, accessible and family friendly, June 15 to July 2.  Museum admission is free. 

The reception is open to the public and all are invited, Saturday, June 17, 4 to 6.

Ann says, “Let me explain. Last year, I painted a large classic oil painting of my own 6-year-old dress. As the painter of my own little dress, well, it unearthed memories of lonely dreamy sunny days drawing in dust motes suspended on sunbeams while daydreaming on the staircase landing. My unique memories from childhood, well, I relished that.  After this experience, I wanted to paint more vulnerable, more personal, in subject matter and style.”

The Water Mill Museum is proud to present the latest collection of Ann Lombardo’s oil paintings on display and for sale. Sales benefit the Museum and new for 2023 is energy-saving lighting installed in the gallery as part of ongoing preservation efforts.

Open hours: Thursday through Sunday, check www.watermillmuseum.org

for more information or call 631-726-4625. And by appointment.